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Volume 29 Issue 2

29(2)  October 2019 1-11 Soenke Ziesche and Roman V. Yampolskiy Do No Harm Policy for Minds in Other Substrates
29(2)  November 2019 12-25 Zachary Biondi Machines and Non-Identity Problems

Volume 29 Issue 1

29(1)  May 2019 1-18 Rhonda Martens Can we make wise decisions to modify ourselves? Some problems and considerations
29(1)  June 2019 19-20 Steven Umbrello Book review: Being Ecological by Timothy Morton

Volume 28 Issue 1

28(1)  February 2018 1-17 Shimon Edelman Identity, Immortality, Happiness: Pick Two
28(1)  September 2018 18-30 Allan McCay The Value of Consciousness and Free Will in a Technological Dystopia
28(1)  December 2018 31-56 Alexey Turchin Forever and Again: Necessary Conditions for “Quantum Immortality” and its Practical Implications

Volume 27 Issue 2

27(2)  August 2017 1-3 Roberto Manzocco Book review: Nietzsche and Transhumanism: Precursor or Enemy?, ed. Yunus Tuncel
27(2)  September 2017 4-11 Ivana Greguric Interview: Richard Walker, Human Brain Project
27(2)  December 2017 12-29 Aaron B. Wilson, Daniel J. Brunson The Transhumanist Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce

Volume 27 Issue 1

27(1)  February 2017 1-3 Sky Marsen Film Review: Advantageous
27(1)  June 2017 4-23 Joseph Corabi Superintelligent AI and Skepticism
27(1)  July 2017 24-42 Marcelo de Araujo Editing the Genome of Human Beings: CRISPR-Cas9 and the Ethics of Genetic Enhancement

Volume 26 Issue 2

26(2)  July 2016 1-15 Charl Linssen and Pieter Lemmens Embodiment in Whole-Brain Emulation and its Implications for Death Anxiety
26(2)  July 2016 16-30 Daryl J. Wennemann The Concept of the Posthuman: Chain of Being or Conceptual Saltus?
26(2)  August 2016 31-47 Phil Torres Agential Risks: A Comprehensive Introduction
26(2)  September 2016 48-59 Vojin Rakić, Milan M. Ćirković Confronting Existential Risks With Voluntary Moral Bioenhancement
26(2)  October 2016 60-81 Melanie Swan The Future of Brain-Computer Interfaces: Blockchaining Your Way into a Cloudmind
26(2)  December 2016 82-85 Thomas Damberger Book review: Stefan Lorenz Sorgner's Transhumanismus:“Die gefährlichste Idee der Welt”!? (Freiburg, Basel, Wien: Herder, 2016)

Volume 26 Issue 1

26(1)  January 2016 1-25 Nuno R. B. Martins, Wolfram Erlhagen, Robert A. Freitas, Jr. Human Connectome Mapping and Monitoring Using Neuronanorobots
26(1)  February 2016 26-49 Andrew Lockley Geoengineering: A war on climate change?
26(1)  February 2016 50-72 Ben Goertzel Infusing Advanced AGIs with Human-Like Value Systems: Two Theses
26(1)  February 2016 73-82 Nicholas Agar Don't Worry about Superintelligence
26(1)  February 2016 83-93 Stefan Lorenz Sorgner The Stoic Sage 3.0 - A Realistic Goal of Moral (Bio)Enhancement Supporters?
26(1)  March 2016 94-105 Michael A. Cerullo The Ethics of Exponential Life Extension through Brain Preservation
26(1)  March 2016 106-113 Riccardo Campa The Rise of Social Robots: A Review of the Recent Literature

Volume 25 Issue 2

25(2)  September 2015 1-2 Russell Blackford Editorial: Seven Years and Counting
25(2)  September 2015 3-13 Daryl J. Wennemann What world do we want?
25(2)  October 2015 14-24 Gabriel Stilman The Right to Our Personal Memories: Informational Self-determination and the Right to Record and Disclose Our Personal Data
25(2)  November 2015 25-38 James McBride The Advent of Postmodern Robotic Technoreligiosity
25(2)  November 2015 39-54 John Gray Cox Reframing Ethical Theory, Pedagogy, and Legislation to Bias Open Source AGI Towards Friendliness and Wisdom
25(2)  December 2015 55-87 Ben Goertzel Superintelligence: Fears, Promises and Potentials

Volume 25 Issue 1

25(1)  January 2015 1-16 Cadell Last Human Metasystem Transition (HMST) Theory
25(1)  April 2015 17-30 Francesca Minerva and Anders Sandberg Cryopreservation of Embryos and Fetuses as a Future Option for Family Planning Purposes
25(1)  May 2015 31-48 Stefan Lorenz Sorgner The Future of Education: Genetic Enhancement and Metahumanities
25(1)  June 2015 49-52 Kevin LaGrandeur Book review: Robert Ranisch and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, ed., Post- and Transhumanism: An Introduction
25(1)  June 2015 53-55 Russell Blackford Book review: Chris Abel's The Extended Self: Architecture, Memes and Minds
25(1)  June 2015 56-73 Tomislav Miletić Extraterrestrial artificial intelligences and humanity's cosmic future: Answering the Fermi paradox through the construction of a Bracewell-Von Neumann AGI
25(1)  June 2015 74-80 Marc Saner and Wendell Wallach Technological Unemployment, AI, and Workplace Standardization: The Convergence Argument

NonHuman Personhood (Volume 24 Issue 3)

24(3)  September 2014 1-3 George Dvorsky Introduction: The Struggle for NonHuman Personhood
24(3)  September 2014 4-19 Dorothy Riddle Evolving Notions of Nonhuman Personhood: Is Moral Standing Sufficient?
24(3)  September 2014 20-26 Kevin LaGrandeur Ancient Definitions of Personhood and Difficult Social Precedents: The Homunculus, the Golem, and Aristotle
24(3)  September 2014 27-34 Wynn Schwartz What Is A Person And How Can We Be Sure? A Paradigm Case Formulation
24(3)  September 2014 35-43 Karen Davis The Provocative Elitism of "Personhood" for Nonhuman Creatures in Animal Advocacy Parlance and Polemics
24(3)  September 2014 44-59 Elizabeth Oriel Whom Would Animals Designate as "Persons"? On the Avoidance of Anthropocentrism and the Inclusion of Others
24(3)  September 2014 60-64 Uta Maria Jürgens Compassionate Coexistence: Personizing the Land in Aldo Leopold's Land-Ethic
24(3)  September 2014 65-75 Melanie Swan Personhood and Subjectivation in Simondon and Heidegger
24(3)  September 2014 76-86 Amy Michelle DeBaets Can a Robot Pursue the Good? Exploring Artificial Moral Agency

Volume 24 Issue 2

24(2)  May 2014 1-16 James Steinhoff Transhumanism and Marxism: Philosophical Connections
24(2)  May 2014 17-28 Michele Rapoport Intelligent Technologies and Lost Life: Concealing/Revealing Human Absence through Technology in Three Contemporary Films
24(2)  June 2014 29-43 Marcelo de Araujo Moral Enhancement and Political Realism
24(2)  July 2014 44-62 Jesse I. Bailey Enframing the Flesh: Heidegger, Transhumanism, and the Body as "Standing Reserve"
24(2)  August 2014 63-78 Victor Yu. Argonov The Pleasure Principle as a Tool for Scientific Forecasting of Human Self-Evolution
24(2)  September 2014 79-84 Seth D. Baum Film Review: Transcendence
24(2)  September 2014 85-88 Michael E. Zimmerman Book review: Ted Chu's Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: A Cosmic Vision of Our Future Evolution
24(2)  September 2014 89-91 Russell Blackford Book review: Zoltan Istvan's The Transhumanist Wager
24(2)  September 2014 92-97 Woody Evans If You See a Cyborg in the Road, Kill the Buddha: Against Transcendental Transhumanism

Technological Unemployment and the Basic Income Guarantee (Volume 24 Issue 1)

24(1)  February 2014 1-4 James J. Hughes Are Technological Unemployment and a Basic Income Guarantee Inevitable or Desirable?
24(1)  February 2014 5-25 Mark Walker BIG and Technological Unemployment: Chicken Little Versus the Economists
24(1)  February 2014 26-44 Gary E. Marchant, Yvonne A. Stevens and James M. Hennessy Technology, Unemployment & Policy Options: Navigating the Transition to a Better World
24(1)  February 2014 45-61 James J. Hughes A Strategic Opening for a Basic Income Guarantee in the Global Crisis Being Created by AI, Robots, Desktop Manufacturing and BioMedicine
24(1)  February 2014 62-69 Jamie Bronstein A History of the BIG Idea: Winstanley, Paine, Skidmore and Bellamy
24(1)  February 2014 70-85 Riccardo Campa Workers and Automata: A Sociological Analysis of the Italian Case
24(1)  February 2014 86-103 Riccardo Campa Technological Growth and Unemployment: A Global Scenario Analysis
24(1)  February 2014 104-112 Katarzyna Gajewska Technological Unemployment but Still a Lot of Work: Towards Prosumerist Services of General Interest
24(1)  February 2014 113-130 John Danaher Sex Work, Technological Unemployment and the Basic Income Guarantee

Volume 23 Issue 1

23(1)  July 2013 1-13 Joseph Kirby Toward an Ecological and Cosmonautical Philosophy
23(1)  August 2013 14-18 Woody Evans Singularity Terrorism: Military Meta-Strategy in Response to Terror and Technology
23(1)  October 2013 19-30 Kyle Oskvig Harder, Faster, Stronger – Better: Aristotle's Ethics and Physical Human Enhancement
23(1)  December 2013 31-44 W.A. Borody The Japanese Roboticist Masahiro Mori's Buddhist Inspired Concept of "The Uncanny Valley"
23(1)  December 2013 45-55 Gavin G. Enck Pharmaceutically Enhancing Medical Professionals for Difficult Conversations
23(1)  December 2013 56-60 Woody Evans Swarms Are Hell: Warfare as an Anti-Transhuman Choice
23(1)  December 2013 61-64 Thomas Johnson Book review: James A. Shapiro's Evolution: A View from the 21st Century
23(1)  December 2013 65-68 Russell Blackford Book review: Mark Coeckelbergh's Human Being @ Risk: Enhancement, Technology, and the Evaluation of Vulnerability Transformations


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